We only offer products of the best quality!


Dupoz does not compromise when it comes to the quality of our products period. Quality always has been and continues to be a pillar of our business and our highest priority throughout the entire company. Whether it concerns the selection of ingredients, production, or delivering the products to our customers, Dupoz is always ahead of the curve. This is why our shop simply known, as Dupoz is synonymous in Europe with reliability, safety, and superior quality and why the "BEST Products at BEST Price and BEST ServiceMade in Germany" stamp is more than a catchy phrase for us; it is a way of life.

But we go even further to insure that we stay that way. All of our products, without exception are monitored by a thorough and rigorous quality management system that is second to none, not only in the lubricant business but in the pharmaceutical business as well. We review our standards every day, and are continuously improving our products and making them better and better for the well being of our customers.

These traits are what our partners all over the world have come to trust, and what our users expect from our world-class product.