Swiss Navy MAX Size Penis 150ml

Swiss Navy MAX Size Penis 150ml


The Swiss Navy MAX SIZE PENIS CREAM provides a noticeably thicker and harder boner in your pants! The menthol-containing cream works by increasing the blood circulation in your penis, giving you more stability and a firmer, harder cock with thicker veins!

- Provides a slightly potent enhancing effect without pills or surgery
- Makes your penis look thicker and bigger
- Has a slightly retarding effect, for more endurance
- Clinically tested for tolerability and efficacy
- Has a temporary effect

Easy to use: Just rub it in on your penis before you play, you'll see the effect in the next minutes immediately after the application. Side effects are not known, but please read the contents carefully. Do not use the product if you are allergic to Aloe Vera, menthol or peppermint.


Volume: 150ml

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