Lube Shooter Black

Lube Shooter Black


Put lube exactly where you want it with the Fist lube shooter. The precision personal lube launcher can be used with all lubricants, from water-based liquids to thick gels and creams. Just fill the lube tube, insert and push down on the plunger without spilling a drop. Reusable, refillable and easy to clean. Designed for one-handed operation, with a gently tapered tip, large 10ml capacity and deep 90mm reach. Available in black red and clear.

  • black Fist lube shooter
  • put lube exactly where you want it
  • designed for one-handed operation
  • reusable, refillable and easy to clean
  • compatible with all lubes, gels & creams
  • polypropylene (PP) applicator with silicone cap

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    Color: Black

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