FIST™ Powder 100

FIST™ Powder 100


FIST™ lubricant in powder form is an ideal lubricant for fist games or for use with larger sex toys due to its enormous lubricity. FIST™ Powder is water-based and therefore rubber-compatible, odorless and tasteless and leaves no residue. According to the manufacturer's information, a tube of 100 grams of powder can produce around 10 liters of lubricant!! It is therefore, without a doubt, the cheapest lubricant. It's inexpensive by recipe, easy to mix, and contains no extraneous chemicals or preservatives. It is fully latex condom compatible as well as safe for use with silicone toys.

And above all very important; Extremely slippery!

Contents: Glycerin Powder Volume: 100gr

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