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From 1st december 2020 all big 30ml Boxes will have a different content! The Isopentyl will change
into Hexyl Nitrite. This means that these 30ml bottles below are the last ones to get as Isopentyl.

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From 12 bottles gives 40% discount   From 144 bottles gives 65% discount

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In 2007 the law in the EU according to isobutyl nitrite has changed, and therefore it is not possible to import isobutyl nitrite into the EU anymore. Our new isopropyl based formulas have become an excellent alternative to the former content. According to the manufacterers these products contain highly pure isopropyl nitrite. Ordering only from18 years or older. All offered products are authentic manufacturer nitrite-based ® and ™ products and are sold as leather cleaner only. We do not encourage the misuse of these products. We are not responsible for the media claims that these products are said to be aphrodisiacs or sex drugs, and we do not endorse such claims


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