RUSH® Original PWD Old Cap

RUSH® Original PWD Old Cap


With tens of millions sold, RUSH® Original PWD is the number one selling liquid incense in the world! Every day, around the world, over 25,000 people buy a bottle of RUSH® Original PWD, Powerized with the exclusive Power-Pak Pellet™, to bind possibly impurity molecules. A broken Power-Pak-Pellet™ has no influence on the content but has proven it's value! Have you tried it yet? Nothing can beat this formula RUSH®!

This product is designed for the cleaning and conditioning of leather apparel and accessories. Please follow the directions for use carefully. Not for human consumption. Do not inhale the content directly from the bottle.

Purest Propyl

Volume: 9ml Strength: +++++
CAS-Nr.: 541-42-4 EG-Nr.: 208-779-0

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