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Welcome to the DUPOZ Shop! Since the year 2000 we work as a shop hosting company and mediator in erotic products with main based service office in the Netherlands. We work for and in behalf of our client located in Great-Britain for which we mediate. The dispatch of the offered products will go fast over this company.

The order and payment process is done by us, because after more then 15 years of experience now, we have become a professional mediator for several clients and offering only their best Products at best Service and best Prices. With many satisfied customers worldwide, we also mediate for you as our policy is to keep you always satisfied. Always!

That's why you can fully rely and can also take advantage of our experience!


Home_Anal_DoucheWe value your business and extend our personal promise that we'll always hold your satisfaction as our number one priority. Be sure to take advantage of this offer and tell us immediately if something went wrong so we can help you out and change it for the future.

We offer easy and secure payments by creditcard or the new IBAN bank payment. 



 Your personal data will be encrypted and your payment will go through a highly secured billingserver based in Holland. The statement on your creditcard bill will be shown only as "Internet Payment". We will never sell your details to any third party. We'll work as discrete as possible!

Ordering only from 18 years or older