Smart Pump

Smart Pump

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Penis pumps have always been clever, but never have they been smarter. Presenting Smart Pump. Its easy-to-use push-button electronics distribute three levels of suction power that make expanding and lengthening simple. Includes a handy, quick-release button as well. Cylinder accommodates up to 19.05 cm (7.5") of length with a 5.33 cm (2.1") diameter. Illuminated interior by 2 lights and ruler runs up the side so you can not only see every inch you grow but you can truly measure it. Clean, ergonomic controls borrow from the finest industrial design; and it's suction power is simply unmatched ion pumps today. Even the soft entry material is smart... body-safe silicone, the finest available.
Farbe: Schwarz Größe: 190x50mm

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69,00 €